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Industrial Cleaning

Waste Minimization & Resource Recovery


PCS provides the industrial cleaning services to handle plant outages, turnarounds, and large tank and surface impoundment cleaning.  PCS manages hazardous, non-hazardous, wet and dry materials utilizing specialized equipment and techniques that can substantially reduce our customers' costs for transportation and disposal of tank or surface impoundment waste.  Waste minimization and resource recovery technologies including centrifuges and filter presses that can be mobilized to your job site.

Our Industrial Services include marine cleaning, liquid/dry vacuuming, hydro jetting and blasting, sponge jet blasting, boiler cleaning, condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning, chemical cleaning, and pipe cleaning and removal.


Industrial Cleaning Services Offered

  • Bilge (barge, submarine, and ship) cleaning and preservation

  • AST, UST, Sewer/Catch basin and norm cleaning

  • Petroleum storage tank (AST & UST) cleaning

  • Surface impoundment cleaning

  • Chemical storage tank (acid & caustic) cleaning

  • Grit and hydro-blasting

  • Steam and chemical cleaning

  • Pipe line, drainage, storm drain, wet/dry well cleaning

  • Mechanical cleaning and preservation

  • Including paint removal and painting

  • WWTP digester tank cleaning

  • Lift station degreasing

  • Oil, water separator cleaning and maintenance

  • Fuel pipeline cleaning for demolition.

  • Onsite two and three phase centrifuge service