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Hazardous Waste Management

Waste Testing and Handling 


PCS will characterize the discarded or discharged material, pack (if unpacked), and deliver the waste to disposal or recycling facilities in accordance with federal and local environmental guidelines and laws.

Typical Recyclable Materials

  • Used oil and lubricant (lube oil)

  • Latex paint

  • Light bulbs

  • Batteries

  • Mercury instruments/devices

  • Automobile Tires

  • Diesel and Gasoline

  • Antifreeze and coolant

Typical Disposable Materials

  • Dry cleaning solvents (e.g. PERC)

  • Paint, and paint related materials

  • Lead based paint chips and debris

  • Gasoline sludge and rinsate

  • Halogenated oil and refrigerant oil (F-listed)

  • PCB waste (light ballast, transformer oil, capacitors, etc.)

  • Spent acid/base

  • Wood treatment wastes

  • Oily water

  • Petroleum contained soil

  • Spent Blasting grit and debris

  • Tank bottom/sump sludge

  • Used lubricant

  • Aerosols

  • Dioxins (F027)

  • P- and U-listed wastes

  • K-listed wastes

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