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Lab Pack Services

Chemical Waste Management


PCS Laboratory and Chemical Packing Services provide technical expertise and extensive resources to handle laboratory chemicals, highly hazardous and reactive chemicals, low-radioactive materials, and cylinders and compressed gases.  Our skilled hazardous waste specialists, environmental scientists and field technicians are experienced in chemical recognition, identification, categorization and packaging.  We perform lab packing for schools, hospitals, research laboratories, and pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. PCS is known for our turnkey services to package, transport and dispose of those hazardous materials.

Typical Materials

  • RCRA, non RCRA, and TSCA

  • Low- radioactive wastes

  • Such as Uranium and thorium compounds, smoke detectors

  • As well as exit signs, low-radioactive sources, scintillation fluid

  • And electronic equipment containing radioactive sources

  • Mixed wastes

  • Universal wastes

  • Compressed gas and cylinders

  • Toxic, flammable, oxidizer, organic peroxide

  • Corrosive materials, and shock sensitive materials

  • Pyrophoric, gases, aerosol, reactive, explosive

  • Ethers, THF, dioxane, and sodium azide

Typical Incidents

  • Leaking petroleum storage tanks

  • Leaking mercury instruments/devices

  • Leaking transformers

  • Punctured lines

  • Tank overflows

  • Over-the-road incidents

  • Leaking drums

  • Saddle tank spills

  • Large pipeline ruptures

  • Ship groundings

  • Tanker truck rollovers

  • Facility chemical releases

  • Hurricane, earthquake and storm damage

Requesting Services

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